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Retro Audiophile Designs

Tivoli Audio Model One

Tivoli Audio Model One

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network Music Player
Case: Table Top Radio,
Tivoli Audio Model One from 2000.

This is a modern classic with a time less appearance. This radio is one of the last audiophile products designed by the legendary inventor and audio engineer Henry Kloss. It is such a clean and neat design. A beautiful small handmade Walnut-veneer cabinet, equipped with only three colour matching knobs: an impressive, smooth-gliding tuning dial, another to adjust the volume and the third for turning the radio on/off and select the frequency band. It almost immediately became a design icon. Balancing the large knob on the opposite side is a round mesh for the speaker. Both the large tuning knob and the speaker mesh definitely adds a retro fair of the times when a high-quality radio was an investment for the years to come.

The radio provided mono-sound only, but the sound quality was remarkably good with a rich bass. Another thing that stood out was it capability to tune in the weakest signal with high precision. To accomplish that Henry Kloss integrated some sophisticated circuitry so far only used in cellular phones to lock onto a radio signal. Model One is still in production after over twenty years of successful sales.

Tivoli Audio is an American company and it was founded in 2000 by Henry Kloss and Tom DeVesto. The Model One and Model Two (the stereo version with CD player) were the company’s first products. After that they have continuously and successfully released a range of products target for the upper segment of the consumer market.

What is the difference between the original Model One and this retrofitted network music player? Now the case is equipped with Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth for streaming music from your smart phone. Connect the player to a pair of wired Hi-Fi speakers or to a Bluetooth speaker. You can also attach a USB flash memory with your own stored music files. It is not a radio anymore and the original speaker is not there any longer.

The original on/off knob is still used and best of all the impressive tuning knob still moves smoothly around the station indicator. In the back you will find the USB-port, the four speaker terminal posts, the RJ-45 port for LAN, the mini sized USB memory stick which holds the software and the DC power input. A bright orange LED light in the front indicates when the player is on.

The radio has been used and it is not new because inside there was a production date stamped showing May 2001. It has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. The wood veneer is in a very good condition. However, the radio shows some minimal signs of wear and tear, but there are no stains or other major issues. Overall, the radio is in very good condition.


Dimension: 22 x 14 x 11 cm

Weight: 1.4 kg
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