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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network Music Player
Case: Cassette Deck,
retrofitted Tandberg TCD-300 from 1972.

Special Order:
4 speaker binding posts + 2 RCA connectors,
Both DAC and amplifier included.

This is a full-sized cassette deck from the early 70’s. It is massive and sturdy. The case consists of different pieces of profiled aluminum plates held together by screws and enclosed on both sides by oak panels. The result is impressive. It radiates functionality, robustness, high quality and no compromises. There are large VU-meters on the left; below, there is an array of oversized aluminum buttons; and the cassette lid is on the right. The deck was designed to either be wall-mounted or placed horizontally on a flat surface. There are some holes for wall-mounting on the bottom plate. The deck is a beautiful piece of engineering.

Norwegian Tandberg started to produce radios as early as 1933 for the domestic market. In the 50’s the company was able to broaden its product line into reel-to-reel tape recorders and pretty soon became internationally renowned for its high-end products. The compact cassette tape format became more and more popular at the beginning of the 70’s and Tandberg decided, as one of the first Hi-Fi component producers, to develop a high-end quality cassette deck product line. The first model launched in 1972 was the legendary TCD-300. The TCD line was initially pretty successful and managed to defend Tandberg's high-end reputation, until the company ran into financial trouble in 1978. The Tandberg brand is still around, but no longer for high-end Hi-Fi products.

The original VU-meters have been upcycled so that they are lit up by LED-lights which indicate that the unit is powered. The needles of the meters move smoothly to the music depending on the volume. The on/off switch is now located on the back panel (the original one was a little bit unreliable to be used). The USB-port, the four speaker terminal posts, two RCA connectors, the RJ-45 port for LAN, and the DC power input can also be found on the back panel. The SD micro card reader which holds the software will be placed on the back panel of the case.

This deck has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. The oak panels are in excellent condition and even the corners look good which is rare for a vintage case. The aluminum surfaces have some tiny scratches consistent with normal wear and tear. Overall the deck is in very good condition.


Dimension: 45 x 23 x 12 cm

Weight: 3.2 kg