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Sony TR 7F 88W

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Wi-Fi Network Music Player  
Case: Portable Solid State Radio, 
retrofitted Sony TR 7F 88W from 1973 

Originally made for the beach and other leisure outdoor activities it is equipped with a protective and durable imitation leather case. The front has lengthwise metal looking lattices and a mesh of small squares holes. The Sony badge is joined by a stop light red badge announcing that it could be run on both batteries and AC power. In the left upper corner there is a tuning meter that guaranteed the best signal possible. To the right the three band scale dominates. There are discrete looking knobs and on top a matching handle. It is a nice size and is easy to place where ever it is needed.

Sony needs no further presentation, it is still a giant in electronics. This is a typical portable transistor from the beginning of the seventies. It must have belonged to the high-end market since it is equipped with a meter and had both cord and battery options.

Retrofitted, the meter lights indicates that the unit is powered. The needle of the original tuning meter moves to the music depending on the volume. The original knob is used to power on and off with a distinct click. The USB-port, speaker terminal posts and a SD micro card reader (holds the software) are in the back. The RJ-45 port and the DC power input can be found on the left side. Even if it useless you can still fiddle with tuning dial or raise or lower the telescope antenna.

This radio has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. It shows some minor wear and tear, especially around the on/off-button which is common. The metal face plate around the two buttons also has some minor imperfections. The plastic front is in very good condition. The imitation leather is in overall good condition.

27 x 11 x 18 cm - 1.3 kg