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RinCan Tabletop

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network Music Player 
Case: Tabletop Tube Radio,
retrofitted RinCan from early 60’s 

This is a fully plastic modern design from the jet age. Exquisite medium blue plastic frames the radio. To the right there is a large plastic glass covering the scales, it is still translucently clear and has no hazing. Four black knobs with center metal caps line up below and go through the plastic glass. There are also two lights that were used to indicate the frequency band. To the left the white symmetrical plastic mesh covers the speaker part of the front and a bold golden metallic bumper-like rib stretches out over the whole front and seems to keep everything in its place. This modernistic radio will definitely be a conversation piece in any home. 

RinCan was a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components, but in the late 50’s and at the beginning of the 60’s they for some reason decided to expand into producing radios - tube radios. That was pretty bad timing since solid state transistor technology was just taking over. This model is typical for the last of the tube-based designs with its large size, contemporary look and modern plastics filled with well proven vacuum tube technology. Their radios were also sold under the other brands like Lloyd, ASG and Granada. These radios are not common.

Retrofitted, the original on-off button is still used for powering on or off. The two-band selector lights, red and blue, are both lit when the unit is powered. The scale needle can be moved by the tuning knob even if it is of no use anymore. The USB-port, speaker terminal posts, the mini sized USB memory stick which holds the software (not shown in the pictures), RJ-45 port and the DC power input are all at the back of the unit.

The radio has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. The plastic is still shiny and looks really good. However, the radio shows some normal wear and tear for its age, like smaller hair thin scratches and some slight signs of aging of the plastic, but no major issues. There are no cracks except for a crack at the upper right corner where the plastic glass meets the front frame. Fortunately, the crack is hard to spot. The metal face plate around the four buttons below has some minor imperfections, some of the printed letters are pretty vague. Overall the radio is in very good condition.

41 x 16 x 15 cm – 1.8 kg