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RCA Victor Nipper IXA

RCA Victor Nipper IXA

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network Music Streamer
Spotify enabled

Case: Table Top Tube Radio
RCA Victor Nipper IXA from 1957.

The expression “less is more” comes to mind when you admire this compact tabletop vintage radio. Its clean and sleek design, bright blue colour and all-in-one plastic case indicates it is from the late 50’s. The lengthwise plastic bars cover the entire front and the round shiny dial has its position at the right. At the lower left the combined on/off and volume knob can be found and just besides it a plastic roundel depicting little Nipper. Nipper was the long-time mascot of the RCA Victor Company, the dog that listens to his master voice. The design looked nice in 1957 and it still does.

The Radio Company of America, RCA, was for over 50 years one of the leading electronics and communications companies in North America. The brand RCA Victor is maybe best known as a record label, but radios were also marketed as RCA Victor in the 40’s until the 60’s. The record label still exists today and it is owned by Sony.

The original on/off knob is still used and the big round tuning control moves smoothly around the station indicator. In the back you will find the USB-port, the four speaker terminal posts, the RJ-45 port for LAN, the mini sized USB memory stick which holds the software (not shown in the pictures) and the DC power input. A blue LED light in the front indicates when the player is on.

This radio has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. Overall there are just a few visible scratches or marks consistent with normal wear and tear. None of the scratches are large, deep or bad. No cracks. The round dial is still clear, however there is some minor hazing and minor scratches. The light blue coloured plastic cabinet looks nice and shiny. Overall the radio is in very excellent condition.

Dimension: 25 x 13 x 16 cm
Weight: 1.2 kg

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