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Marconi Model 2004

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Wi-Fi Network Music Player
Case: Portable Solid State Tower Radio,
retrofitted Marconi Model 2004, early 60’s  

This rare upright radio is a modern-era design statement with technology that was state-of-the-art at the time of production. Retrofitted, it now has contemporary state-of-the-art audiophile quality sound. Everything is aligned vertically - the row of stylish knobs, the two-band scale, the handle and the long telescope antenna. On the sides, there is matching mesh covering where the speakers used to be. This Marconi model doesn’t look like an ordinary radio of its time; it is definitely a design object. It is compact and slim and can be placed everywhere and still stand out for its look. Unique and spectacular.

There was a slot in time when the Canadian Marconi Company domestically marketed solid state radios under the Marconi brand. This radio was actually manufactured by Toshiba in Japan and the corresponding Toshiba model was called 7 TH-486S. We don’t know why they market the radio under different brands, but it is certain that these models are very rare. The remains of the Canadian Marconi Company still exist within BAE Systems Canada, but now the focus is in avionics and not these specially designed radios.

Now retrofitted, we have ensured that the original on-off knob at the bottom still works. The two-band scale with its red needle can be maneuvered with the tuning knob even if it wobbles a bit as it goes up and down the scale. At the front of the base there is a blue LED-light which is lit when the unit is powered. The speaker terminal posts are placed on either side of the base whereas the USB-port, the SD micro card reader (holds the software), RJ-45 port and the DC power input are all in the back.

This radio has some more than normal wear and tear. There are a few issues: the front plastic glass has cracks between the two lower knobs, and the speaker mesh has some stains and scratches. As well, there is a crack at the back of the base which is not visible from the front. It appears that over the years the crack has been glued. It is still sturdy so, in the interests of not interfering with the design, no further repairs were attempted during the retrofit. The radio has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. It is in a slightly rugged and patinated condition showing that it has been used and loved a lot over the years.

13 x 28 x 13 cm - 1.3 kg