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Retro Audiophile Designs



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Wi-Fi Network Music Player
Case: Front-loading Cassette Deck,
retrofitted JVC KD-5A from 1979  

Timeless design and with really large and clear VU-meters this former cassette deck still makes a high-tech impression. The cassette lid opens up slowly and gracefully when you push the Eject button, just as it should be. It is also a nice feeling to fiddle with the big dual knob that used to set the recording levels. Stackable, book shelf or placed in an old stereo rack – looks cool in any home environment. Shiny and robust at the same time.

JVC is mostly famous for introducing the VHS video cassette, but have produced a lot of successful hi-fi products in the past and still going strong. The KD-5A model was at the lower end of the cassette deck range in 1979, originally priced as a low as $350 USD.

Retrofitted, the VU-meters with their light grey background are lit up and indicates that the unit is powered. The long needles of the meters move to the music depending on the volume. The functional original on-off button is at the front. The USB-port, speaker terminal posts, the mini sized USB memory stick which holds the software (not shown in the pictures), RJ-45 port and the DC power input are all in the back.

The deck has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. It shows some normal wear and tear for its age, no major things. One of the previous owners has had a number engraved in the back. Excellent condition.

Note this is a pretty heavy item since it even after retrofitting consists of a lot of metal.

42 x 29 x 12 cm - 4.6 kg

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