Download - Tandberg special Player software image

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The special software image for the Tandberg is ready for download as a compressed Zip file (compressed size: about 1.0 GB to download and after it is uncompressed it will be 3.8 GB).

Add the image to the cart, checkout and the link to the download will be ready for you, the link is also automatically sent to you via e-mail. 


The software image has to be flashed to the USB memory stick. An ordinary file copy will not do! Instructions for how to flash the software will be mailed separately.

After you have flashed the USB, attached it again and started the Player with the updated software the filesystem will be expanded to the full size of the USB memory stick.

Unfortunately, you have to do the same connection procedure again, by first connect to the Player Wi-Fi network and then open the Player page From there, go to the Wi-Fi page, click on connect to Wi-Fi and finally enter the SSID and the password. The Player will then turn off the Wi-Fi network and the is not accessible anymore. Scan for the Player on your home Wi-Fi network or try the URL http://player.local. The connection procedure will take about 1 - 2 minutes.