Notice: Due to the global shortage of electronics the production of new players is slowed down.

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Turn your old vintage Hi-Fi component or vintage radio to a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network Music Player. 

The standard installation is exactly the same as the products for sale.

See specifications.

Shipping costs from Retro Audiophile Designs back to you will be calculated at check-out and added to the total price. Ships within five weeks. 



Instead of an amplifier a DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) can be installed. There will be two RCA connector instead of the four speaker binding posts. The power supply unit will be 5 V  2.5 A.

Before you order contact us through the Contact Form so we can settle all the details required.



Additional costs:
applicable taxes if you live in Canada,
any customs fee or domestic taxes if you live in the rest of the world,
shipping costs to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.