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Bang & Olufsen Beocord 8004 - RESERVED

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network Music Player
Case: Cassette Deck, 
retrofitted Bang & Olufsen Beocord 8004 from 1983.

It seems like every item the designer Jacob Jensen created for Bang & Olufsen in the 70s and 80s became design icons. The Beocord 8004 is no exception. It has all the signs of Jacob Jensen’s design: brushed aluminum, large horizontally flattened surfaces, all combined with black design elements and arrays of clean looking push buttons. It is functional and minimalistic design at is best - stunning. The size of the cassette deck is more than full-size, it is actually pretty large and deserves some space so it can stand out. The deck has the classic Rosewood palisander casing. Open the upper left aluminum lid and you get even more knobs to fiddle with.

Bang & Olufsen has been in business since 1925. It has had its ups and downs but they have always been at the leading edge in design and delivery of high-end consumer products. The Beocord 8004 was one of  top models between 1983 - 1986 and was a cassette deck component of the Beosystem where the turntable, receiver, cassette deck and remote control all matched one another in both appearance and operation.

The VU-meters are statically lit up in green and indicates that the unit is powered, but they don’t now fulfill their original function. The record indicator is lit as well and shines red. The on/off button is located under the upper aluminum lid. The USB-port is at the front below the wood frame. Speaker terminal posts, RJ-45 port, the DC power input and the SD micro card reader (which holds the software) can be found in the back.

This deck has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. The Rosewood is in a good condition but the corners have some small marks, consistent with normal wear and tear. The aluminum surfaces have some tiny scratches as well. Over all the deck is in very good condition.

Note: this is a heavy case and it is also large. Which means that shipping outside North America can be rather expensive.

53 x 13 x 30 cm - 5.3 kg