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Case: Table Top Tube Radio
Admiral 5E2 from 1950.

The oversized dial is the dominant feature of this radio. It is really impressive. The radio looks almost like a clock, the kind you put on the mantel piece. Its slightly round shape tells us that the design is from the late 40’s. Even the large station indicator has a rounded shape. Beautifully ivory-coloured plastic gives the radio a bright and shiny look. It looks good on any mantelpiece. Below the round dial there is an elegant plastic front plate framing the two knobs. The combined on/off and volume control knob is at the left and the tuning control knob is at the right. The radio also has a handle on top which might suggest that it is was supposed to be a portable radio – it was not. The radio could not be battery operated and in the back, there is only a typical for “in-door use” protection back plate. It was probably as portable as the cord was long. 

The radio brand Admiral was marketed by the American Continental Radio & Television Corporation based in Chicago, Illinois. It started its operation during the depression in the early 30’s. The company continued to grow its business during the 40’s and was one of the early producers of colour TV-sets in the 50’s. As many other national TV-manufacturers of their time the company succumbed to the hard international competition on the TV-market in the 70’s. The brand Admiral survived for a time through sales of household appliances. Apparently, that did not help since they closed their doors in 1979.  

The original on/off knob is still used and the tuning control moves around the ellipse shaped station indicator. In the back you will find the USB-port, the four speaker terminal posts, the RJ-45 port for LAN, the SD micro card reader (which holds the software) and the DC power input. A blue LED light in the front indicates when the player is on.   

This radio has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. Overall there are hardly any visible scratches or marks. The ivory-coloured plastic cabinet looks great but there are some slightly different shades of the ivory-colour due to aging. However, there is a clearly visible crack left of the dial (between the 70 and 80 digits). The front plate has a small darker discoloured vertical band above the on/off knob and to the left of the tuning control knob there is a small visible mark. Over all the radio is in very good condition.

Dimension: 30 x 19 x 18 cm  

Weight: 2.4 kg