Notice: Due to the global shortage of electronics the production of new players is slowed down.


Connecting the Network Music Player to your home Wi-Fi network requires some more efforts compared with just using Bluetooth, but you will do this only once (when you use Bluetooth you do the Bluetooth connection procedure almost every time you want to stream). 

It is worthwhile to connect the Network Music Player to Wi-Fi. When the Player is connected to your home Wi-Fi network you can stream Spotify or any app on your phone* and do settings of the Network Music Player itself (like set the default volume). As an additional option you can also do playback of music files from an attached USB flash memory stick.

There are two distinct steps. First you connect your phone to the Player Unit’s own Wi-Fi network, a hotspot. While connected to the hotspot you connect the Player Unit to your home Wi-Fi network using your phone. That is done at the Settings page of http://player.local**. The second step is that your phone now gets disconnected from the Network Music Player when the Player switches to your home Wi-Fi network. Reconnect your phone to the Wi-Fi network and you are done.

First step - connect the Network Music Player to Wi-Fi

Above: scan for Wi-Fi networks on your phone and you will find the Wi-Fi network  Player. Connect the phone and open up the start page of the Player at http://player.local**.



Above: go to the Settings page and there click on the Wi-Fi connect button. Then in the popup window enter the SSID and password for your home Wi-Fi network. The Network Music Player will then turn off the hotspot and it connects to your Wi-Fi instead. Your phone still hangs on to the hotspot, but gets disconnected at this moment.

Second step - reconnect your phone to Wi-Fi



 Above: reconnect your phone to your home Wi-Fi network. Start streaming...


Remark: the hotspot, the Network Music Player's own Wi-Fi network has the SSID Player and the password retroplayer.



*) Airplay streaming for iPhone or iPad or Mac. If you have Android devices there are Airplay apps that can be downloaded from Google Play - or just use Bluetooth.

**) If you are using an Android device your browser may understand http://player.local and open the start page as intended. Unfortunately, most versions of Android OS are not capable of resolving a local web address. Instead you have to use the IP address, which is the Network Music Player's IP address for the Hotspot.  How to find the IP address is described here.