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What you can do using your home Wi-Fi network

You can stream anything you love listening to on your phone to the Wi-Fi network music player and enjoy full Hi-Fi stereo sound. Your favourite music apps, web radio apps or podcasts, any audio can be streamed. In addition, the world leading music app Spotify is especially well integrated with the player. A great benefit of Wi-Fi is that anyone connected can share their music on their phones. Stream and enjoy together.

You can connect to the player through any web browser or special player apps and also access music or radio or podcasts through the player software - just enter player.local in your browser.

Furthermore, you can access music file storage that is connected to the same network as the player, they can be on PC’s or Mac’s or on file servers or attach a USB flash memory directly to the player. The web page player.local is also used for settings of the player.