Notice: Due to the global shortage of electronics the production of new players is slowed down.

What you can do

You can stream anything you love listening to on your phone to the network music player and enjoy great Hi-Fi stereo sound. Use Bluetooth or connect the player to your Wi-Fi network. Your favourite music apps, radio apps or podcasts, any audio can be streamed. In addition, the world leading music app Spotify is especially well integrated with the player. A great benefit of the player is that anyone connected can share their music on their phones. Stream and enjoy together.

Use your favourite Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth headphones and you might also connect a pair of wired Hi-Fi speakers. Switching between speakers/headphones is quick and done seamlessly.

You can access the player for settings or to do playback of music on an attached USB through a web browser - just enter player.local* in your browser.

What you can do


*) If you are using an Android device your browser may understand http://player.local and open the start page as intended. Unfortunately, most versions of Android OS are not capable of resolving a local web address. Instead you have to use the IP address of the player instead.