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Stream from your phone

[1] First start to play a song on your iPhone or iPad*.
[2] Then find the Airplay menu,
     on the iPhone you will find it by sliding your finger from the bottom to the top of the home screen.
[3] Slide your finger to the left,
     click on the Airplay symbol at the bottom and
     then you will see your iPhone and player available.
[4] Click on player and the connection is set up.



The music playing on your iPhone is now streamed to the network music player over your home network. You can stream any audio to the player. Music stored on your phone as above, or pod casts, radio apps or streaming services as Pandora, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify etc. Any audio stream can be used.


Remember to set the network music player volume to maximum volume, since the volume range is set by the player. It is always better to control the volume by using your device instead. The maximum is defined by the previous volume setting that you made using the player. The player is accessed through the web page player.local .

Do not try to use Airplay Mirroring. It is for sharing screens not audio streaming. Instead access Airplay for music streaming through your apps.

*) Note: works with iPhone or iPad or any device that supports Apple's Airplay streaming. Airplay apps have to be downloaded on Android devices.