Notice: Due to the global shortage of electronics the production of new players is slowed down.


 Stream with Airplay

With an iPhone or iPad or a Mac you can easily stream from your apps to the Network Music Player using Airplay over Wi-Fi. Be sure that you have connected the Player to your home Wi-Fi network first.

The best way to stream with Airplay is to first start to play music on your iPhone using any of your music apps, pod casts apps or radio apps or music streaming apps (like iTunes , Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Pandora etc.), then go to the iPhone’s Airplay menu. This is the procedure to stream with Airplay:

On the iPhone you will find the menu by sliding your finger from the top right to the bottom of the home screen (for older iPhones instead slide from the bottom to the top). Then you will see that the iPhone itself and the Player are available in the list of Airplay receivers. Click on Player and the connection is set up.

Airplay is supported by all Apple iOS devices, but there are also Airplay apps available for Android OS that you can download. Check out Google Play ...or just stream with Bluetooth. iTunes uses Airplay on computers as well and it can be installed on your Windows or Linux computer.

 Make your own Player "app"

The Network Music Player is actually app less. There is no app to be downloaded - instead the Player offers a web browser interface. Which means when you start using your iPhone as a remote control for the Player you will use the Safari browser. That works fine, but there is a more convenient way to control the Player – make an app icon and place it onto the home screen. It will look and feel like an app...

This is done by adding the start page, http://player.local, into an app icon that will be displayed as it would be an iPhone app. Every time you want to access the Player you just click on the app icon instead of opening Safari.

First open Safari and enter the address to the Player, http://player.local, and the start page opens.

 Click on the send-to button at the bottom centre of the browser. In the new window that pops up add the link to the home screen by clicking on the “+” button and in the next pop-up window name the new app icon "My Player" for example.

The app icon shows up on the home screen and from now on you will have a full screen display of the Player, no more Safari browser control buttons in the way. It works just like if it would be an app.