Notice: Due to the global shortage of electronics the production of new players is slowed down.

How it works

A network music player is a Hi-Fi stereo amplifier that uses Bluetooth and your home Wi-Fi network to connect to your devices like smart phone, tablet or computers. The network music player can be connected to Bluetooth speaker systems and Bluetooth headphones, as well as wired speakers. The music is streamed over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from your devices to the the network music player. You can stream any audio app on your devices, media and music players as well as streaming services like Pandora, Qobuz, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify and others,  radio stations, podcasts, . . .  you can even insert a USB flash memory stick with some music.   

How it works

The player converts digital audio streams into analogue sound which is amplified (2 x 35 W). The only thing you have to do is to connect the network music player to your own speakers, Bluetooth speakers or wired ones. The network music player is controlled by your devices, which means that streaming, playback and settings are done from your devices. Any sound, any audio can be streamed. The only functional button on the player is the on and off button, everything else is done remotely with your devices. In addition you can also attach or detach a USB stick to the player.

The best thing is that the player directly supports Spotify (apps and their web player). That means that the player is one of the devices you can choose by using the settings of the actual Spotify app (inside the app itself). The streaming is then even more seamlessly integrated in the Spotify app and gives you the full listening experience. Retro Audiophile Designs recommends the Spotify app as the preferred way to enjoy music.   

The player also has its own local software. It is mainly used for receiving digital audio streams and convert them into analogue sound that is amplified or to transmit them with Bluetooth to a connected Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphone. As an option, instead of directly streaming from your apps you can use the local software for playback of the content of the attached USB stick as well. You turn on and off the Player with the original on-off button.

More importantly the local software is used for connecting to Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones as well as all aspects of settings of the network music player (turn Bluetooth on or off, connect  to or disconnect Wi-Fi, set the start-up volume, restart e.t.c.). The player’s user interface for playback and settings are user-friendly web pages, enter  http://player.local* in your browser to get to the start page. The pages offers an easy and intuitive control of connections, settings options and the USB playback.   

Note: there is no special "Retro Audiophile Design" app that you have to find, download, install and maintain in order to manage the network music player. This system is app free!


*) If you are using an Android device your browser may understand http://player.local and open the start page as intended. Unfortunately, most versions of Android OS are not capable of resolving a local web address. Instead you have to use the IP address of the player instead. How to find the IP address is described here.