Notice: at the moment all deliveries are delayed until November 7th

Download and install the latest update

The latest software package for the player can be downloaded as a zip file here, at the Extras and Downloads section. It is a pretty huge file and it consists of a so-called software image file which is an exact copy of all the software required (operating system, modules, files, graphics etc.), it is already installed, bootable, configured and setup for use. After download and unzipping the image you can from your PC or Mac write the software to a new micro SD card or a new USB memory stick using a disk imager software and then replace the existing one.

How to find the micro SD-card (2020 or earlier)

On the back of the player unit there is a SD card reader with the card inserted. Often the micro SD-card is inside an adapter that looks like a full size SD-card.

Find the micro SD-card

Be sure that the player is turned off before retrieving the micro SD-card. Push the adapter gently down and it will pop-up. Remove the adapter from the reader. Pull the micro SD-card out from the top.

How to find the USB memory stick for the Player software (from March 2021 and onwards)

There are two USB ports of the player. One port is for USB playback and the other port is the special port designed for the USB memory stick that holds the software. The special USB port always has a USB memory stick attached (otherwise nothing will work). The original USB stick is a nano/mini sized and coloured black.


First of all, get the imaging software required by downloading the Win32 Disk Imager software (for Windows). Here you can download the required imager software.

There is actually quite a few other disk imager software downloadable on the Internet. However, the Win32 Disk Imager is the most common one. It is not especially sophisticated, but it works.

You can always reuse the existing micro SD-card or USB stick and write the new image on to it. However, we suggest that you might buy a new one, just in case something goes wrong. If you use a micro SD card it is important to have a card of a well-known quality brand (e.g. Sandisk, Kingston, Lexar, Samsung . . . ). It should be of at least 16 GB, if it is a SD card the class should be 10 or higher. If your PC or Mac does not have a SD slot you need an USB adapter for SD cards as well.

Win32 Disk Imager

Install the new software

Follow the steps below:

  • Unzip the downloaded software image.
  • Insert the micro SD card and the adapter into the SD slot of your computer, or use an USB adapter for SD-cards. Alternatively just insert the USB stick
  • Open the Win32 Disk Imager.
  1. Select the downloaded and unzipped image file by using the folder button to the right of the Image File path box.
  2. Choose the device to be written to at the far most right. Click on the Device drop-down menu and choose the micro SD-card. Be careful to check that it is the right device.
  3. Click on the Write button at the bottom. Confirm that it really is the right device and wait . . . It takes some time depending on the size of the card. Check the progress meter.
  • Insert the micro SD-card with its adapter in the reader and turn on the player again.
  • Or, insert the USB memory stick in the special USB port and turn on the player again.


Note: Unfortunately it is unavoidable that all user specific data (like connections) are lost after an update. You have to connect the Network Music Player to your home Wi-Fi network again. 


The release history can be found here.