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Add an App button to your iPhone

Make your own "App" of the web page player.local

When you start using your iPhone or iPad as a remote control for the player software (the web page player.local) you will most likely use the Safari browser. That works fine, but there is a more convenient way to control the player through the web page player.local: make an app-like button and place it onto the home screen. No more Safari browser control buttons in the way. It works just like if it were an app, your own "app".

This is done by putting the web link to the player (player.local) into an app icon that will be displayed as it would be an app. Every time you want to access the player through the web page player.local you just click on the app icon instead of opening Safari.


Follow these steps for iPhone:

  1. Open Safari. 
  2. Enter the address to the player, http://player.local.
  3. Press the send-to button at the bottom of the browser. the button in the middle with the arrow.
  4. In the new window that pops up add the web link to the home screen by clicking on the + button (Add to Home Screen) and in the next pop-up window name the new app icon My Player  for example.
  5. The app icon shows up on the home screen and from now on you will have a full screen display of the player.

Even if you normally don't use the web page player.local for playback of your music (because you prefer to stream through your favourite app instead) this "app trick" might come in handy just for managing the settings of the Player.

 Note: works only for iPhone or iPad.