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Add a web radio station

Add a web radio station -  web page player.local

You are probably used to access web radio stations through apps on your phone or tablet and then you can stream the audio to the player. See How to stream.

However, you can also access the player by using the web page player.local and listen to web radio stations. This text describes how you can add web radio stations to the local software of the player, not your apps.

The player software comes with two web radio services: Shout Cast and Dirble. They are both great and they can be found on the “Browser” tab under “Web Radio”. They might not have the web radio stations available that you want, but it is very easy to add your own. It might actually be easier to manage web radio stations by adding them instead of using the streaming services.

Add a web radio station

You can find web radio options under the Browser tab. Click on Web Radio and then at the My Web Radios item, click on the green three dots at the very right. Finally click on the pop up box + Add Webradio.

You will find all the web radio stations you have added by clicking on the My Web Radios. There you can stream the web radio stations (Play) or manage them (Add to queue, Clear and play, Edit Webradio, Delete Webradio and Add to Radio Favorites).

Example: adding the British BBC RADIO 1

First you have to find the link to the live stream. Google “BBC Radio 1” and “live stream” and you will find web pages that have a specified link for streaming or go to the web site of BBC and search for streams. Copy the link (it would be something like this link: ).

Paste the link into the Url box of the Add Web Radio pop-up window. Name the web radio station and click on the green Save button.

In this example it is a URL stream that was pasted, e.g. a link that streams the web radio station live. M3U and PLS are two different kinds of playlist formats that also can be used. The playlist formats are not a streaming links themselves; instead they point to a stream on the Internet.

Note that over time the radio broadcaster might change the streaming link (the stream URL) which means that you have to add the web radio station again.