About us

The basics

All players are assembled in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We ship worldwide.

Our address: 241 Range Road, Ottawa, ON, K1N 8J7, CANADA

Retro Audiophile Designs is operated by Par Forslund Consulting Inc. 
Federal Corporation #: 807495-0
Ontario Corporation #: 3067662

Tax registration of sales tax, business number at Canada Revenue Agency for HST:  83762 7504 RT0001  

Background and concept

Our business started in 2014 on a small scale and we have been online selling players since 2017. The first step was to build prototypes and test out different electronics and software. Since then we have been developing the concept until we achieved a reliable consumer product. We still continuously develop and maintain the concept of building on the best in class available digital amplifier circuits for single board computer technology and reliable open software as well as our own controlled software. The first players were built for friends and friends of friends and step by step we have been able to reach a broader market. The scale of production is small and it will stay small. At the moment about 25 players have been delivered.

More about us...

The 20th century was full of many stunning and remarkably designed electronic items. There are amazing vintage Hi-Fi gadgets, components and equipment like amplifiers, tuners, receivers and cassette decks. There are crazy-looking vintage radios such as table tops, portables, clock radios, solid state or tube, plastic, wood-like plastic or wood veneer, console models and much more. The ongoing transition from physical music such as vinyl, CDs or tape to digital formats and Internet streaming have made many of them obsolete and unwanted. Retro Audiophile Designs brings these unique design items back to life and future-proofs them with new electronics for the digital era.

We are audiophiles that love design from the past and so do our customers. Our customers live with their smart phones and wireless Internet access; they use computers, tablets and streaming services effortlessly in their daily lives. Now they also want to enjoy and share their digital music at home with family and friends. They want to enjoy each track as it was intended to be heard and that means the highest possible audio quality. Retro Audiophile Designs uses well-renowned high quality technology and world-wide open source software to achieve high fidelity sound from an unexpected design object. 

These antique design items are not mass-produced modern reproductions. The range of players for sale is specially curated; each item is meticulously found and chosen. They are cleaned and polished, the new electronics are carefully fitted and the players are thoroughly tested before they are put up for sale. After retrofitting the item, it becomes a unique network music player. It becomes a statement.