Initial set up

Setting up the Network Music Player is pretty straight forward. Attach the power cable and turn on the Player. You use the original on-off button.

After that it is time to connect the Player to your home network. You can use a LAN cable, but cables are often inconvenient. It is better to connect the Player to your Wi-Fi network. That requires a little bit more effort compared with just using Bluetooth, but you will do this only once unlike Bluetooth (when you do the Bluetooth connection procedure almost every time you want to stream). 

There are four distinct steps:

  1. First you have scan for the Player's own Wi-Fi network, a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect the phone to this Wi-Fi network.
  2. Using the Player's Wi-Fi web page scan for your home Wi-Fi network and connect.
  3. Then the Player gets connected to your home Wi-Fi network. 
  4. You phone is at this moment still connected to the Player's hotspot. Now you can reconnect your phone to the Wi-Fi network and you are done.

Scan for Wi-Fi network Player

Scan for Wi-Fi networks on your phone and you will find the Wi-Fi network  Player. Player is an Wi-Fi access point, a hotspot, used mainly during set up of the Network Music Player. Connect to the Player network.

Open the Player Start page

Ifyou use an iPhone or Window, Mac, Linux computer just enter the url http://player.local in your web browser of choice, then the Start page will open. 

Or try with which is the actual IP address.

If you use an Android device you always have to enter the ip address
…and the start page of the Player will open.

Click on the Wi-Fi button and the Wi-Fi page will open.


SSID: Player
Password: retroplayer

Scan for Wi-Fi networks

Click on the orange scan button. Wait for a few seconds and a popup will show a list of available Wi-Fi networks.

Pick your home Wi-Fi network.

Connect the Player to Wi-Fi

Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and click on the orange button "Connect to Wi-Fi".

The connection will take a while. If it fails check the chosen SSID and the password. Try again.

Player is connected!

Now the Player is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Note that the Player's own Wi-Fi, the hotspot, is still on. Which means that your phone is still connected to the Player Wi-Fi at - not your home Wi-Fi network.

In order to fix that do:

  • Close the Wi-Fi page.
  • Disconnect your phone from the hotspot and reconnect to your home Wi-Fi network.

The hotspot is still on, but not used and it will be turned off the next time you turn on the Player.

It is worthwhile to connect the Network Music Player to Wi-Fi. When the Player is connected to your home Wi-Fi network you can stream Spotify  and do settings of the Player itself like connect Bluetooth speakers. Many devices can share the Player at the same time - share the music. As an additional option you can also do playback of music files from an attached USB flash memory stick.