Notice: Due to the global shortage of electronics the production of new players is slowed down.

How to connect your Spotify app

We recommend strongly that you use your Spotify app. It is easy to connect and that is the way you normally listen to Spotify, right? All family members and guests can easily connect the network music player to their Spotify apps on their own phones, tablets or computers.

Be sure that you have a Spotify premium account - if you don't, get it here. You will really enjoy the premium account. It offers high quality audio, plays any song anywhere, is totally ad free and has unlimited skips. You can listen offline as well which is a great feature, and maybe most important of all - you can stream Spotify to the network music player over Wi-Fi.

The music is directly streamed from Spotify's servers to the network music player - leaving your phone free for making calls and all other uses. You only use your phone to control music playback. You can also just pick up the music where you left off when switching between your phone, tablet or computer. It is seamless streaming.

This is how to connect:

  • Start the Spotify app. 
  • Go to settings by clicking on the cog wheel in the right upper corner.

    • Scroll down to "Connect to a device" and click on the big button named 'DEVICES MENU'.
    • Choose Player.   . . .  and the app connects to your network music player.
    • Done.

    If you are using a computer look for the computer/speaker icon with a blue dot at the bottom bar and click on the icon.  


    Why Spotify?

    Undoubtedly the best and the biggest music streaming service on the Internet with almost 300 million users, over 60 million songs, inclusind 1.5 millions podcasts to enjoy and a coverage of 92 countries all around the world makes Spotify the obvious choice to continue to enjoy music in the new digital era.

    Besides the enormous variety of all kind of music it is maybe Spotify’s smart way of personalizing your experience of listening and discovering new music that you will love the most. Spotify analyzes what you currently are listening to and creates customized recommendations, such as playlists and music suggestions based on the genres and artists you are listening to regularly.

    You will love your own Discover Weekly playlist or the Release Radar list. Theses playlists are refreshed weekly with each 30 new songs you have most likely never heard of but will probably enjoy because they are chosen based on your most recent listening habits and new releases.

    Playlists are an essential part of your experience. When you create playlist, you can invite friends to contribute too to the playlists for a more shared experience or follow playlists of others on Spotify. You might even get some backing of the AI assisted playlisting capability which uses machine learning to make your lists even more customized.   

    You can use a free account instead...

    . . . stream with Bluetooth or Airplay. Works well.





    Spotify is a registered trademark by Spotify AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Note that Spotify is not in any way affiliated with Retro Audiophile Designs.