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SOLD - Zenith Super-Triumph

SOLD - Zenith Super-Triumph

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Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network Music Streamer
Spotify enabled

Case: Table Top Tube Radio
Zenith Super-Triumph S-22922 from 1951.

The oversized dial is the dominant feature of this radio. It is truly impressive with its arrowlike brass station indicator. This is the kind of radio you put on the mantelpiece for everyone to admire. Its slightly round shapes tell us that the design is from when the 40’s turned into the 50’s. The cabinet is of molded Bakelite in a distinguished dark maroon colour typical for this era. The Bakelite is still pretty bright and shiny. Below the oversized round dial there are three knobs keeping it in its place. The combined on/off and volume control knob is in the centre and the tuning control knob is at the right. To the left is the button for frequency band shift. There is even a fourth button. It can be found on the side and is for adjusting the tone. The radio also has a handle on top which might suggest that it is was supposed to be a portable radio – it was not. The radio could not be battery operated and in the back, there is only a typical for “in-door use” protection back plate. It was probably as portable as the cord was long. The retractable handle on top seems to have been an important marketing feature since it got its own name “Flexo-Grip”. The handle was supposed to make carrying easier. 

American Zenith Radio Company was an innovative manufacturer of consumer electronics based in Chicago, Illinois. They were pioneers in FM radio and had already made portable radios as early as the 20’s. Maybe Zenith’s most appreciated achievement for consumers was that they produced the first modern wireless remote controls. In their heyday in the 50’s, the company was able to maintain strong sales in radios and expand into the television market. Actually, the company was successful well into the 70’s. Eventually Zenith became a division of Korean LG electronics.

Retrofitted, the original on-off button in the middle is still used for powering on or off. There is a very tiny hole on top of the station dial and originally there was a bulb there; now it has been replaced with a red LED light instead which lit when the player is on. The scale needle can be moved by the tuning knob even if it is of no use anymore. The USB-port, speaker terminal posts, the mini sized USB memory stick which holds the software (not shown in the pictures), RJ-45 port and the DC power input are all at the back of the unit.

The radio has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. The Bakelite is still in really good condition. However, the radio shows some normal wear-and-tear for its age, like smaller hair thin scratches and some slight signs of aging of the Bakelite, but no major issues. There are no cracks. The fabric grill is original and has no tears, rips, or fraying. However, there are some smaller stains and dark spots due to use and age. The Zenith crest is still flawless and shiny.

33 x 22 x 20 cm - 3.2 kg

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