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Soundesign Super 8

Soundesign Super 8

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Wi-Fi Network Music Player
Case: Speaker 8 Track Tape Player,
retrofitted Soundesign Super 8 Model No 4035B from 1972 

This is the left speaker of a 8 track stereo tape player by Soundesign in a beautiful bright red 70s design. Can it be anymore 70s than this? It has a convenient handle and a nicely accentuated loud speaker roundel. Great looks and it doesn’t need much space. Where did the other half go, the right speaker? It is coming up for sale soon.  

The American brand Soundesign was launched in 1963 for a wide range of clock radios, portable radios, and stereo systems at affordable prices. It lasted for about thirty years when it was gradually replaced by the brand Zenith. The brand was however reintroduced in 2012 for retro looking clock radios and headphones.

A red LED-light indicates that the unit is powered. The USB-port is on top, RJ-45port at the right side. Speaker terminal posts, on-off button, the DC power input and a SD micro card reader holds the software are all in the back.

This unit has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. The plastic is in excellent condition. No cracks, no scratches.

19 x 25 x 11 cm - 1.1 kg

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