Use your phone, stream your music...

We sell network music players where new electronics have been retrofitted into 20th century vintage Hi-Fi gadgets or radios. Stream Bluetooth or connect the player to your home Wi-Fi network. You can use your favourite Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth headphones or just hook up some wired speakers. It streams music from your apps or attach a USB with some music. You control the player from your phone, tablet or PC or Mac. These are not Bluetooth speakers, these are something better . . .

  • How it works

    A Network Music Player is a Hi-Fi stereo amplifier that uses Bluetooth and your home Wi-Fi network to connect to your devices like smart phones, tablets or computers. You stream music using your apps - as you always do.

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  • Spotify

    Open up your Spotify app and choose the Player as a device. The music is directly streamed from Spotify's servers to the player. All family members and guests can easily connect the player to their Spotify apps on their own phones, tablets or computers.

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  • Bluetooth

    Connect to the Network Music Player using Bluetooth and you can stream music directly from your device . You can also connect a Bluetooth speaker or a Bluetooth headphone to the Player instead of using wired speakers. Streaming Bluetooth to the Player when it is connected to a Bluetooth speaker works.

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Network Music Players

Soundesign Super 8 1973